Celebrate JESUS for who He is Today and Tomorrow

Celebrate JESUS for who He is Today and Tomorrow

We have so much to be thankful for as we celebrate Jesus this Christmas. The fact that our Savior came from heaven to earth as a baby, born in a stable, is incredible. That He ultimately gave His life for us is truly worthy of praise and honor! We need to remember and celebrate Him for all that He’s done.

I wonder if we can build on our Christmas celebrations this year by reminding ourselves that “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.”(Heb 13:8) The promises and power He represented in the past are true for us today and in the future! In reading the book of “Revelation”, the “revelation of Jesus Christ” (Rev 1:1), Jesus shows John who He is now and what He’s going to do. “Revelation” reveals the character and presence of Jesus today and in the future. Over the next few weeks I want to look briefly at how Jesus is revealed in Revelation. As we add this understanding to our celebrations I believe it will make this Christmas even more meaningful.

He is the Faithful Witness   Rev 1:5                                                                           Jesus did and is doing everything His Father told Him to. He is completely faithful to His Father’s will. He has and always will bring glory to His Father.

He is the Firstborn from the Dead   Rev 1:5                                                         Jesus is the first to have risen from the dead by His own power, never to die again but to live forevermore. He opened the way for us, His followers, to be raised from death to life through the forgiveness of our sins. Real life here and now, and eternal life to come!

He is the Alpha & Omega…the Almighty   Rev 1:8                                              Jesus always was, always is and always will be! There is no one like Him. He has no rival! He is the ruler of all, commanding all the powers in heaven and on earth!

He is the Son of Man   Rev 1:13                                                                                    John sees the glorified Jesus in His human form. As he had known Him years before. The reference here is to Jesus as the One to whom all dominion is given, over all people and nations, forever (Dan 7:13, 14)

As I saw Jesus for who He is now and forever will be, the Faithful Witness, the Firstborn from the Dead, the Alpha & Omega, the Almighty and the Son of Man, something stirred inside of me. I was reminded that God’s got my today and my future in His capable hands, no matter what those days might bring. As I saw Him in that light, my heart overflowed with gratitude. My desire and ability to love and worship Him intensified, giving me renewed confidence in His promises. He said He’d “never leave me or forsake me”. He said He’d “finish the work He began in me” and He’d make me “more than a conqueror”. What an amazing God He is!

Will you join with me this year in celebrating Jesus for who He is today and tomorrow?

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  1. Praise Him. I thank Him every day for Who is is. In my life. And what He s done for me. As we celebrate This Season I’m reminded daily that without Him there would be no Season. So that is why for me it I so important to remember Jesus birth at this time of year.
    Without who He is we are all just wandering through this so called life. BUT we do have HIM. REJOICE CELEBRATE HIS HOLY BIRTH

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